Testimonials – English teaching in China

Alice正在听读英语故事,这你还得帮我感谢Eric,她现在英语阅读进步非常大,兴趣很浓,每天可以看书读上一个小时 Alice was listening to read English stories, that you have to help me thank Eric, she now English reading progress is very big, interest is very thick, can read a book to read on for an hour every day

主要是那时Eric带她们阅读入了门,然后现在她读就感觉容易多了,而且因为会的词汇量多了,能读懂,也有成就感并感受到了乐趣 Mainly when Eric took their reading into the door, and now she feels much easier to read, and because would be a lot more vocabulary, to be able to read, also with a sense of accomplishment and feel the fun

Working in China

It’s the first time I am applying for a work visa in China.
The process is quite obscure and complicated compared to other countries.

It’s basically 3 steps:

First get a Z visa from your home country
Second apply for an expert license.
Third apply for a resident permit.

Then when you succesfully passesd these steps you are then authorized to work in China.

Apple releases iphone 6 – Apple Watch and Apple Pay

With today’s news release on Apple website, the iPhone 6 is finally out. I quickly browsed the specs, besides the bigger screen on the iphone 6 plus version, I didn’t see anything major to talk about.

But i was very surprised to see Apple releasing a watch.
More surprised the watch is not called iWatch, and more more surprised ( in chinglish) is the Apple Pay payment system.

So Apple is trying to get the market of luxury watches, such as Rolex or Citizen?
So Apple is now competing with Paypal and American express? What about bitcoins?

Anyhow I already see my charging station getting larger, my laptop, my phone, my watch.

I hope we don’t have to use a powerbank to get the Apple Watch to last more than 3 hours.